Poster Are you being served

Based on the hit 70’s TV series, the play follows the antics of Mrs Slocombe, Mr Humphries, Captain Peacock and all the staff as they serve behind their counters in the Grace Brothers Dept Store in London.

That is until Young Mr Grace sends them on an all expenses paid holiday to Costa Blanca where the fun really begins…….

Are you free????

To come to the Bijou this winter for a rollicking good laugh?

Director: Barry Wroth


Mr Humphries: Mackie Bailye

Captain Peacock: Derek Clarke

Mrs Slocombe: Julie-Anne Clark

Mr Rumbold: Kim Clayton

Ms Brahms: Madelyn Murdock

Mr Lucas: Matt Doherty

Mr Grainger: Phil Shelton

Mr Mash: Raleigh Sellars

Stanley Halls, Jodi MacNish, Tim Barr, Misty McClusky, Gillian Phee, Katrina McAleese 


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